Reimagining the startup ecosystem in Africa in 2023

28.06.23 09:04 AM Comment(s) By Pavan

Startups, a need for Africa

Startups, Innovation & entrepreneurship is key for growth and progress for any region. It solves the most basic and fundamental problems of the society and also make it economically viable.

Africa is the largest population of the world with full of opportunities. It does have world's largest source of raw materials, minerals and most youngest population across the globe. Despite having all resources, region lacks in innovative approach and it reflects on it's economic growth and human lives as well.

Startup eco-system is growing in Africa and good to see that entrepreneurship is now not a bowl of big business houses but has travelled long way. Now students, working professionals all are coming along to solve the problems faced by them on day to basis with help of startups.

Above pictures shows the growth of startup eco-system is making in Africa, best part is that startups are coming in all sectors right from healthcare, pharmaceuticals , logistics, e-commerce, real-estate, food delivery, energy and social entrepreneurship.


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